The Altuners , residents of Los Altos, have ties to the Long Beach Community back to 1984. The business began in 2003 when the couple decided to reach back to their Turkish roots in hopes of reviving the almost non-existent business of importing high -quality olive oil. They opened under the name of Maya Trade. 
Today, the business has thrived to the point where the Altuner Family focuses on the sale of single cultivars from around the globe under their Antica Brand. The olives for Oils comes from the Northern and Southern Hemisphere when in season. October & November crush comes from Northern Hemisphere from countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and California. The Southern Hemisphere crush is around April & May and comes from Australia, Argentina, Chile etc.  All the Dark & White Balsamic Vinegars  are from Modena, Italy. They have exciting flavors like white peach balsamic or dark chocolate balsamic vinegars. 
Along with their guaranteed  freshness, the olive oils sold at Antica Olive Oil are preservative -free, 100% natural, loaded with anti-oxidants, which helps support a health immune system.